16inch Pub World Championship

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The League of Gentlemen presents The Find 16inch Pub World Championship: a fun event, held inside a bar, gold coin entry, limited spaces, first in, first served!

Riders get to navigate an especially tricky course set amongst the tables, chairs, pillars and other obstacles of The Find Bar itself - failure to complete the course without touching the ground results in a punishing absorption of some sort of alcoholic beverage... Did we mention the bike is a child size’s one?

Spectators and cheerleaders welcome!

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Date: 10 April from 6pm till late
Location: The World Bar, Queenstown (tbc)

Fees: $2 entry, limited space available

16inch Pub World Championship

Participants and spectators are all welcome from 6pm onwards, the event will take place shortly afterwards and it should be all over by 8-8.30pm. But you're welcome to stay longer!


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Tough course

For those who want to take part, here's how it works:

There are 30 spots for Guys, open entries for Girls, first in best dressed.

The cost is $2 per race run, with an option of a second run if you want to (2 runs = $4), maximum 2 runs per competitor for the night (Crash twice? Tough s*h*t). Everyone entered will have one run first, and then the optional 2nd runs will take place

Race order: Girls race first, then Guys


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Showing off!

There's a bunch a cool prizes to win and you get to ride the same bike all night!

Finally the "Hot Seat" will be in action, meaning the fastest time holder gets  to sit in the very special winning seat, unil he/she gets dethroned by a faster rider.

Seems like fun? You bet.


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Cool prizes and trophies

16inch Pub World Championship

Rules are only made to be broken!!

Hot seat anyone? Kelly McGarry the contester

HELMETS Compulsory, no excuses

Compulsory Beer / Teapot Skull to record a time

Please treat the Bar with Respect.

LoG rules apply

Cheaters cheat themselves

Seriousness will be frowned upon


Showing how it's done



2012 course
16inch Pub World Championship

LoG The Find 16inch World Championship course - don't miss this one, although it is sometimes more dangerous as a spectator than rider.


2012 Winer in action


Punishment on display