Crown Range Road Ride

crown range

Climbing to the top of the Crown Range, followed by a swoop back into the warm air of the valley...

This is a social ride which starts from the corner of Arrowtown Road / Speargrass Flat Road / Hogan Gully, then continues on climbing the zig-zags all the way to the top of the Crown Range.

The return goes via the tar or Tobins Track to an Arrowtown Cafe for a long and well deserved coffee break.

This is a ride suitable for all levels, for road bikes. (a mountain bike may be used)

Date: 16 April 8:30am sharp
Location: Crown Range

Fees: Free

Crown Range Road Ride

Mountain bike riders go via Hogan Gully road, then along Arrow Junction Road and so on, up the zig zag to a stopping point at the lookout.

Road bike riders go back along the Lake Hayes Road and ride over Bendemeer Hill on State Highway 6 before joining the climb to the lookout point.

All riders then depart for the summit. Bikers being bikers there is normally a little push for the front as the col appears, but there is a general re-group at the summit for everyone before the departure for Arrowtown.

Mountain bikers use Tobins Track and the road boys and girls descend the zig zags and dream of the roads in France or Italy.

This is a normal Saturday morning ride for a few in the basin and they are encouraging as many riders as possible to come and join them for a social ride to the top of the range. Riders can go all the way to the top, or turn around at any point they like on the journey. The road has been newly sealed and is a delight to ride on now - one of the the very best rides in the country.

The departure time is a strict 8.30am.