Kids Mini X

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Watch for this great event next year 2018.

The event is all about participation: it's about getting out there, having a go and achieving a personal best. In another word, just for fun.

As a celebration of all things bike, this event is essentially a bit of fun for all, with a best dressed bike kids competition, music and more

And lots of prizes, sausage sizzle and more should keep your parents sane for a while.

 Kids Briefing Notes are here

Date: 16 April Race Start 11am
Location: Butlers Green, Arrowtown

Fees: $15, each child receives a reflective wristband

Kids Mini X

Located at Arrowtown, beside the Chinese settlement, the courses will vary by distance and difficulty, depending on age groups. It will be off road, and generally on established tracks (mt biking / walking). Kids need to be confident on a two wheeler bike. The courses are unsuitable for trainer wheels.

Whilst the event is primarily aimed at 5 - 14 year olds, children younger or older can participate. For those under 5 years they must be competent off road on a two wheeler.

The courses will be categorised as below:

Short – aimed at younger kids and those new to off road riding, recommended for 7 years and under; Approximate distance 2.5 kms. Leaves Butler Green and loops downstream on trail and then back through the trees on old trail and into arena.

Medium – aimed at 7 – 9 years, who have done some off road riding; Approximate distance – 4kms.  This course goes upstream across Bush Creek and as far as the old ice skating ring before going downstream across Bush Creek again and about 1km down from Butler Green along the trail and return. Note there are two small river crossing on this course.

Long – minimum age 9 years, kids who are confident riders and reasonably fit; Approximate distance 7kms. One complete loop and a half. Note there are two small river crossing on this course.

River crossing for older kids

How to enter

Entries are open, just click on the online entry button on the right, and follow the prompts. Entering prior to the race is highly recommended, as it will ensure you have your reflective armband on race day.

Registrations on the day are also accepted, however there is no guarantee you will receive your armband that day, and you may incur an extra fee to cover for postage.

Starting young...

Registration, Briefing & start times

10.00 Registration opens: registered and new entrants pick up their safety reflector bands. For entrants on the day, children also fill in a registration form. Registration closes at 10.45am, so make sure you come early if you are entering on the day.

10.50 Briefing for all kids, EVERYONE must attend, so make sure you are there and listening hard!

Start times (times below are approximate):

11.00 : Short course
11.35 : Medium course
12.15 : Long course

Courses will start with a wide section to spread riders out, and riders will start in the following order, Boys then Girls. Riders who intend to go flat out should position themselves to the front.

Going for it!

Prize giving, spot prizes and bike to win

The prize giving for all categories will take place immediately after the last race. First, second and third place getter will receive a certficate and a prize. All entrants can win a spot prize.

Safety back up

Officials will be on the course and St John will provide first aid if necessary

Weather & clothing

Rain is always a possibly, so please check the weather forecast in the morning and if rain is predicted please make sure your child has a water proof jacket, gloves (if likely to be cold), trainers or other closed in shoes.
Warm dry clothing and a change of shoes for after is also a good idea!
Falling off is a distinct possibly when mountain biking, so we strongly recommend children wear either long leggings or knee length shorts, plus long sleeved tops, as the most likely injuries are cuts and grazes.
We also recommend gloves if you have them.


Fun at the event

We are encouraging parents to bring some food, even a picnic on the day to share and enjoy with the rest of the family. There will be a bouncy castle, sausage sizzle, coffee cart and more.

2012 video

For a great look at the action, check the 2012 video made by Kashi Leuchs, Olympic Mountain Biker who came and encouraged all kids to participate and have fun. Click on

Kids Mini X

A Helmet
Wear a bike helmet EVERY TIME YOU RIDE, even if you are going for a short ride.

Your bike helmet should fit you properly. You don't want it too small or too big. Never wear a hat under your bike helmet. If you're unsure if your helmet fits you well, ask someone at a bike store.

Once you have the right helmet, you need to wear it the right way so it will protect you. It should be worn level and cover your forehead. Don't tip it back so your forehead is showing. The straps should always be fastened. If the straps are flying, it's likely to fall off your head when you need it most. Make sure the straps are adjusted so they're snug enough that you can't pull or twist the helmet around on your head.

Take care of your bike helmet and don't throw it around. That could damage the helmet and it won't protect you as well when you really need it. If you do fall down and put your helmet to the test, check that it has not been damaged. They don't work as well after a major crash.

Helmet On, Now What?
Riding a bike that is the right size for you also help keeps you safe.

When you are on your bicycle, stand straddling the top bar of your bike so that both feet are flat on the ground.
There should be 1 to 3 inches (2.5 to 7.6 centimeters) of space between you and the top bar.
Here's a safety checklist your mom or dad can help you do:

Make sure your seat, handlebars, and wheels fit tightly.
Check and oil your chain regularly.
Check your brakes to be sure they work well and aren't sticking.
Check your tires to make sure they have enough air and the right amount of tire pressure.

Be Seen, Be Safe!
Wearing bright clothes and putting reflectors on your bike also can help you stay safe. It helps other people on the road see you. And if they see you, that means they're less likely to run into you. Daytime riding is the safest so try to avoid riding your bike at dusk and later.

You'll also want to make sure that nothing will get caught in your bike chain, such as loose pant legs, backpack straps, or shoelaces. Wear the right shoes — sneakers — when you bike. Sandals, flip-flops, shoes with heels, and cleats won't help you grip the pedals. And never go riding barefoot! Riding gloves may help you grip the handlebars — and make you look like a professional!

But avoid wearing headphones because the music can distract you from noises around you, such as a car blowing its horn so you can get out of the way.

Where to Ride
You need to check with your mom and dad about where you're allowed to ride your bike. You need to know how far you're allowed to go and whether you should ride on the sidewalk or in the street.

No matter where you ride, you need to keep an eye out for cars and trucks. Even if you're just riding on sidewalk, a car may pull out of its driveway into the path of your bike. If you're crossing a busy road, it's best to walk your bike across the street.

A bike path free of cars is a great choice if there's one in your area. Just remember to share the path with the other riders, walkers, and strollers who also might be using it! And if you're going on a long ride, bring some water along with you.

Keep an eye on the road ahead so you can be prepared for big hills and road obstacles. Some common ones that can cause falls include:

wet leaves
big puddles
changes in the road or sidewalk surface
storm grates
gravel or rocks
little kids in your way!

Road Rules
If you're allowed to ride on the street, follow these road rules:

Always ride with your hands on the handlebars.
Always stop and check for traffic in both directions when leaving your driveway, an alley, or a curb.
Cross at intersections. When you pull out between parked cars, drivers can't see you coming.
Walk your bike across busy intersections using the crosswalk and following traffic signals.
Ride on the left-hand side of the street, so you travel in the same direction as cars do. Never ride against traffic.
Use bike lanes or designated bike routes wherever you can.
Don't ride too close to parked cars. Doors can open suddenly.
Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic (red) lights just as cars do.
Ride single-file on the street with friends.

Kids Mini X

Bike helmets and suitable shoes must be worn.

Bikes need to be in good working condition and should be checked BEFORE the day.

Parent can accompany children 7 years and under around the course but child and parent will have to go to the back of the group. Parent can ride, walk or run.

In the interests of safety and security the start and finish areas are restricted to participants only.

Marshals and arrows/ tape will be on the course to direct you. You must obey their instructions.

The race directors decision on all race matters is final.


Gathering before the start